50 Little


50 Little Birds | Short Film

Produced throughout 2019 and into 2020, 50 Little Birds is my latest short film. Read more here.

White River

White River: Perspectives | Short Film

I received a grant from Indiana Humanities in May 2018 to produce a short documentary film about the White River. This film explores the different perspectives Indiana residents have about the White River, from misconceptions to intimate relationships with the river.



Give Hope, Fight Poverty | Videos

In March 2018 and May 2019, I traveled with the nonprofit organization Give Hope, Fight Poverty, to Swaziland, Africa. There I filmed the work that they do in education, food and health care which will be edited into two videos - one for general promotion and one for volunteer recruitment. I will return in December 2020.

Food First

Food First | Indy's Food Story

Shot throughout 2014 and 2015, Food First: Indy's Food Story is a feature-length documentary that was released in June 2016. I produced, directed, shot and edited this film about the growing food movement in Indianapolis - including agriculture, restaurants, distribution, health and wellness, access and economic development.

Gas Boom

Fueling a Region | Indiana's Gas Boom

In 2010, I successfully wrote a request for a $10,000 grant to produce this 26-minute documentary on Indiana’s Gas Boom. I produced, directed, helped write and edit this film for WIPB and led a team of fellow Ball State University students as the crew. In 2011, the film was featured as the backdrop for their fall fund drive.


A Film to Decrease Worldsuck | A Nerdfighters Documentary

For my senior thesis, I produced a 40-minute documentary created with a combination of crowd-sourced and self-shot material about the online community known as the Nerdfighters. A Film to Decrease Worldsuck screened in eight cities around the world in 2013.

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