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Recent Work
The Net Makers (2022)

Director, Producer, Editor

In rural Southern Indiana, two men carry on the tradition of crafting hoopnets and commercially fishing in the White and Wabash Rivers. Both hope that the culture of hoopnet making will be picked up by future generations before it becomes lost to time.

'The Net Makers' Trailer
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The Net Makers

Still Photography (Film)

'50 Little Birds' Trailer
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50 Little Birds (2020)

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

A short documentary about Indiana-based folk artist Geoff Davis. As an artist, Geoff finds ways to translate his experiences in nature into his art. His long canoe journeys provide him inspiration, connecting with the wildlife that eventually become delicate wood carvings. But Geoff is seeking more than inspiration. He ventures into the woods to find healing.

Personal Photography (2021-2022)

Still Photography (Film)


Producer, Director, Editor


Tilt23 Client Projects




Freelance Client Projects


Producer, Videographer, Editor

Producer, Videographer, Editor

Give Hope, Fight Poverty

2018 & 2019

In March 2018 and May 2019, I traveled with the nonprofit organization Give Hope, Fight Poverty, to Swaziland, Africa. There I filmed the work that they do in education, food and health care.

Producer, Videographer, Editor

Give Hope, Fight Poverty

Still Photography (Digital)

Food First (2016)

Director, Producer, Videographer, Editor

Attitudes about food are changing nationwide. “Food First” looks at how this movement is impacting Indianapolis, Indiana - a city that, like many others, is just starting to experience this wave of change. By exploring different facets of the food movement happening in our community - growing quality food, supporting local, access and education - we discover why healthy, fresh, local food is quickly becoming a priority in people's lives.



Hannah Lindgren is an Indianapolis documentary filmmaker with over a decade of storytelling experience. Her most recent short film "The Net Makers" was grant-funded by Indiana Humanities as part of their Waterways Film Tour. Her short film "50 Little Birds" was an Official Selection at the 2020 Indy Shorts International Film Festival and won several awards from other festivals, including the "Best of Hoosier Lens Documentary Short Award" from Indy Film Fest and the "2021 Peoples' Choice Award" from the Paddling Film Festival.


Hannah studied Telecommunications and Anthropology at Ball State University and graduated with Honors in 2013. Since then, she has owned her own production company, produced videos for the Time, Inc. magazine brands and currently is the Post Producer for Bayonet Media in addition to coordinating social media for Heartland Film.


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